network agency

"The new way to collaborate."

In response to the rapid change in the digital and creative world, Pomegranate has shifted the paradigm from the traditional agency structure to a new virtual network or “digital cloud” agency structure. Our innovative model enables teams to support the ever-changing needs of enterprise companies regardless of time and place and without fixed overhead. As an international cloud of talent, our value to our clients is virtually limitless.

"The effect of a true network is that for each member that is added to the network, the more valuable the network becomes to its members."

Powerful - Our teams form organically into “Pods” by industry, region and skill sets. Our team members cross-pollinate so that growth comes from varying perspectives and experience.

Unique - We offer our network members vested interest in opportunities and the agency which creates a powerful center for collaboration and creativity. Innovative - Our proprietary systems enable clients and team members to collaborate so that submitting, tracking and completing projects is simple, streamlined and efficient.


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